Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

Hello friends, family, colleagues, peers, strangers, etc. This is the blog I will be using throughout my year in service in Albuquerque. It is currently in its infancy and will likely expand with more features, pages, pictures, and of course stories from ABQ. For now I invite you to check out the official website of the ABQ YAV site here. There you can find information about who I may end up partnered with as well as some beautiful pictures. I also encourage you to make use of the other two pages currently up and running: Contact and Donate. Should you feel compelled to make a financial contribution to my year in service, you may do so using the Donate page. Regardless of whether or not you make a contribution, I always appreciate kind and encouraging words, which you can leave through the Contact page. If you do make a financial gift, please let me know so that I can account for it and more importantly thank you. Thank you for following along and I look forward to being able to update you on things to come!

(Update 6/14/19: fixed typo)

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